The Most Breathtaking 'Lord Have Mercy' You Have Ever Heard [Video]

The Most Breathtaking 'Lord Have Mercy' You Have Ever Heard [Video]

This unbelievably beautiful composition, performed in a huge, empty church by Orthodox Christians truly makes you feel as though you've left this earthly life behind for some immeasurably more beautiful reality.

There are only two words in the chant: 'Kyrie Eleison,' which in Greek means 'Lord, Have Mercy.' Perhaps, the simplicity and minimalism of the prayer are what makes it so powerful.

It was composed by the head of the Georgian Church, Patriarch Ilya II. He is truly a remarkable person, who has an unprecedented spiritual lifeline connection with his people. He has single-handedly raised the birth rate in the small country of Georgia, by promising to become the godfather of every third child born of couples married in the church.

This particular composition combines ancient Orthodox Christian traditions in a profound expression of a prayer common to all Christians.