MPs Drank Their Way Through Their Covid Lockdown

MPs Drank Their Way Through Their Covid Lockdown

Boozy British MPs and their staff downed almost £500,000-worth of subsidised alcohol last year, a report has revealed. 

Nearly 50,000 pints and 16,019 bottles of red were among the various beverages guzzled by the House of Commons between 2022 and 2023. 8,500 bottles of white were also sunk within the thousands of orders made - producing a whopping grand total bill of £498,951.

Among the beers guzzled last year, 7,500 were Carlsbergs  followed by 6,074 Stellas and 4,300 Guinnesses. 

The Freedom of Information request also revealed that Champagne orders came to 2,800 - with Parliament's own brand selling for £49 a bottle. 

MPs can go to eight restaurants and bars inside the Westminster estate, with some of these exclusive to elected politicians only.

The House of Commons' latest accounts reveal that taxpayers spent £6.4million last year effectively subsidising the cost of both food and drinks in MPs' bars and restaurants.

This was down from £7.5million in 2021-22 and £9.1million in 2020-21. But it was still above the cost from the years before the Covid pandemic, with £4.6million spent in 2019-20 and £2.6million spent in 2018-19. The huge jump in MPs booze and meal bills during their Covid lockdown shows just how they lived it up in huddles "at work", while the rest of the population had to stay at home or risk massive fines.