MSM Cover Up Huge Freedom Rallies

MSM Cover Up Huge Freedom Rallies

You wouldn’t know it from the controlled mass media, but last weekend saw a gigantic wave of popular protests against the Great Reset lockdown tyranny – right across the world.

The UK media are focusing on the violence that broke out in Bristol after police aggression and bullying sparked widespread disorder. But just look at the picture above of the huge rally in London that the Lying Press refuse to cover - because it was peaceful.

This is just a small section of the huge crowd of perfectly normal people who thronged central London to protest against the lockdown and against government proposals which would effectively ban all protests which the Powers That Be refuse to sanction.


The controlled media are covering up the huge protests in London and Manchester, as well as keeping us in the dark about the pro-freedom demonstrations right across the world, from Madrid to Stockholm, Amsterdam to Tokyo, Sydney to Berlin.

This video gives just a glimpse of the scale of popular rejection of the 'covid plague' narrative which the global elite are using as their latest excuse to dismantle society and destroy the world's middle classes in order to allow their super-rich friends to grab even more wealth and power.

Americans need to understand that the insane levels of repression of normal life and freedom which have driven so many decent people in so many countries to march against their governments are coming to the USA. The moment they have a new 'mutation of great concern', the Biden/Harris junta will use it as an excuse to search for ways to override the common sense of Republican governors and mayors and impose European-level lockdowns on Americans. Because that's what the Great Reset/New World Order playbook demands.


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