MSM Hysteria Over MP’s Zionist Comment

MSM Hysteria Over MP’s Zionist Comment

This UK’s mainstream media is excelling itself this morning, with a wave of fake outrage over a Labour MP who dared to suggest that the fanatically pro-Israel breakaway group (see photo above from Jeremy Corbyn’s party of ugly envy and socialist stupidity might be funded by Israel.

The suggestion – which is based on nothing more than the track record of both Labour and Tory governments going to war on behalf of Israel after their parties received massive donations from Zionist businessmen such as Lord Levy – has been relentlessly attacked as an ‘anti-Semitic conspiracy theory’.

In truth, the unanimous agreement by the media to ignore the facts and deny the blatantly obvious is far greater confirmation of the extraordinary power of the Zionist lobby than could be provided by any allegation by any real anti-Semites, whose moronic bile generally makes them rather unconvincing to ordinary people.

Labour MP Ruth George said on Facebook that it was ‘possible’ the Israeli state was financially backing her former colleagues who have broken away from Labour to form the Independent group.

What Ruth George posted:

‘Support [for the Independent Group] from the State of Israel, which supports both Conservative and Labour “Friends of Israel” of which Luciana was chair is possible and I would not condemn those who suggest it, especially when the group’s financial backers are not being revealed. It’s important for democracy to know the financial backers for any political group or policy.’

Immediately slammed simply for stating the truth and raising a perfectly legitimate question, the MP was forced to issue a grovelling apology:

‘On my earlier response to a Facebook comment, I unreservedly and wholeheartedly apologise for my comment. I had no intention of invoking a conspiracy theory and I am deeply sorry that my ill-thought out and poorly worded comment did this. I withdraw it completely.’

 We here at KTI hold no brief for the Marxist-Islamist collaborator Corbyn, or for the crazy policies of the Labour party, which has become a cartoon travesty of the original movement built by working class patriots a century ago.
But neither are we willing to go along with the pernicious lie that criticism of the immense and baneful power of the Zionist lobby to drag Britain into insanely counter-productive and thoroughly wicked wars in places such as Iraq (Blair), Libya (Cameron) and Syria is in any way ‘anti-Semitic’, when in fact it is simply pro-British to resist such foreign manipulation of our puppet political class.
If you’re not yet sufficiently red-pilled to agree, you should start by watching this videos…..

And it’s not just in Britain. Consider the antics of the Rothschild puppet Macron in France, or the reality of the power of ‘THE Lobby’ in the USA……