MSM War Propaganda Exposed

MSM War Propaganda Exposed

We are being lied into war yet again. When will people ever learn that elites make money from wars, and use the threat of war to enrich themselves and their friends, do down their rivals and control and exploit the masses? It's always been thus - the only real difference is that today's elite are rattling sabres on a nuclear era, when the slightest miscalculation to get us all vapourised.

If you look back at almost any major war in history, you will find that - ever since the press was invented - media outlets have prepared the ground for the madness and slaughter by demonising the leaders and even people of the country that in due course became 'the enemy'. During, and in the time immediately after the wars that result, the stories put about by the warmongering media are invariably taken as gospel. It is only after more time has elapsed that we are able to look at the issues dispassionately and understand that the propaganda that led to that particular conflict was as dishonest as nearly all the others.

With the Biden regime and its UK and EU allies (not to mention the ridiculous puppet in Canada) now displaying insane levels of hostility to Russia, China and Iran, the infamous Doomsday Clock stands once again uncomfortably close to midnight. The unpalatable truth is that decades of corporate and political corruption have left the militaries of the 'West' reliant on equipment which was designed to make obscene profits for the military-industrial complex, rather than to fight and win wars.

As a result, the West's self-serving and deeply out-of-touch liberal elite is busy picking a fight in which its conventional forces would be outclassed and effectively eliminated. The much vaunted aircraft carriers on which the West relies to project its power to the coast of China in particular are the equivalent of guards cavalry regiments in 1913. The F-35 is little better, and completely outclassed by the jets its pilots will be put up against if the sabre-rattling leads to war.

So it's a good time to take a level-headed look at the sort of war propaganda being put about by the global elite who are pushing hostility towards Russia, China and their allies. There's so much of it at present that a practical way to do this is to take just one example, and to dissect it. Once you see how they lie to us all in one particular area, it becomes much easier to resist their lying propaganda in all the others too.

The case we will examine briefly here is that of the 'Russian dissident' Alexei Navalny. To listen to the BBC or CNN, you would think that there is no question about him. He is the hugely popular, charismatic, gentle and brave rival who the evil and dastardly dictator Vladimir Putin ordered to be eliminated by the deadly nerve poison Novichok, but who miraculously survived, only to be thrown into the Russian Gulag in order to deny the Putin-hating public from electing him with an overwhelming majority with a mandate to bring LGBTQ+ rights, gender realignment and mass African immigration to a new liberal paradise in Russia.

The truth, as you have probably already guessed, is VERY different.

Here are a few key points to start us off:

* In 2014 Navalny was charged and convicted of fraud and embezzlement of a French cosmetic firm and a Russian state-owned timber firm, totalling about $1,000,000. For the first criminal offence he was given a 3½-year sentence and for the second, a 5-year sentence, but both sentences were suspended.


* Far from being a liberal, Navalny is in fact a rather crude far-right bigot. At a party in 2013, celebrating the anniversary of the newspaper The New TimesNavalny suggested that they “make the first toast for the Holocaust”; he referred to religious Jews in his blog as: “dandies in fox hats and rags.” Also, Navalny in 2013 supported the Biryulyovo race riots in which Russian skinheads attacked immigrants in a Moscow district. In 2017, in an interview with the Guardian, he said he has “no regrets” about his past statements and called it “artistic licence.”

Amnesty International has recently withdrawn its designation of Navalny as a “prisoner of conscience” due to past xenophobic statements he has never retracted. The group said it “is no longer able to consider” Navalny a prisoner of conscience because he “advocated violence and discrimination” and has never retracted any of such statements he made in the past. They noted that he has compared Muslims to cockroaches and recommended shooting them with guns if swatters and shoes fail.


* Navalny is regarded as a political joke in Russia, not least because his main allies are the widely detested, blasphemous Pussy Riot gang. He is correctly seen as another creature of George Soros and his support rating in independent opinion polls is in the region of 2%.


* Frank Elbe, who headed the office of German Foreign Minister Hans-Dietrich Genscher for five years and negotiated the Convention on the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons as head of the German delegation in Geneva from 1983 to 1986, has stated that “I am surprised that the Federal Ministry of Defence concludes that the nerve agent Novichok was used against Navalny.”

As he put it, Novichok belongs to a group of “super-lethal substances that cause immediate death” and that it “made no sense to modify a nerve poison that was supposed to kill instantly in such a way that it did not kill, but left traces behind allowing its identification.”


* On August 20th, Navalny fell seriously ill while in mid-flight from Tomsk, Siberia to the Russian capital. The Moscow-bound plane was abruptly re-routed to make an emergency landing in the Siberian city of Omsk where the Navalny was hospitalized.

Somehow while Navalny was still on the plane bound for Omsk, Pyotr Verzilov, a member of the protest punk rock Pussy Riot group, was notified of Navalny’s illness. He then immediately managed to arrange for the Berlin-based NGO Cinema for Peace Foundation to send an aircraft to Omsk with a coma-specialised team on board. This plane arrived the next day, on August 21, and these German doctors were allowed to take part in the examination and treatment of Navalny. In fact, they were able to make tests and report these back to Berlin.

The Russian doctors who saved Navalny's life  have affirmed that despite comprehensive toxicology tests on his biological fluids and organs, they detected no traces of toxins. He was tested for many types of poisons, including organophosphorus compounds and narcotic substances. Moreover, the atropine treatment by Russian doctors was exactly the same as would later be done at the Berlin Charité medical university. And most importantly, no evidence was detected by the German doctors of a poison attack on Navalny in the Omsk hospital, as Navalny and the western media have recently alleged.

The chief toxicologist at the Omsk Emergency Hospital, Dr. Alexander Sabaev, stated that their doctors found no traces of toxic substances in the comatose Navalny’s kidneys, liver, or lungs, which led them to conclude that Navalny’s condition was caused by a metabolic disorder and an “internal trigger mechanism.” It appeared that Navalny had suffered a grand seizure due to hyperglycemia after going into diabetic shock in which a combination of alcohol, lithium and benzos taken by Navalny himself were involved. Sabaev also noted that tests were conducted in multiple laboratories at once.


* On December 22 the Charité clinic released some of its laboratory test results on Navalny. These reveal a surprising number of medical symptoms: acute pancreatitis, diabetes, liver failure, severe dehydration, muscular rigidity, as well as serious bacterial infection, and a possible heart attack associated with his kidney problems. According to the clinic’s experts, these are not recognizable symptoms of a nerve agent attack. Given this great variety of ailments, it is clear that Navalny is not in good health.

The Charité hospital’s doctors also revealed that Navalny had a medico-psychiatric problem and was a heavy user of lithium and benzodiazepine drugs. They reported this in a set of four data tables they attached as appendices to their case report on Navalny. 


If that is not enough, then you can read a stunning demolition of the 'Putin poison' nonsense here, on one of the very best English-language websites out there at present: 

The conclusion is inescapable: the same 'Western' media who have sold us lie after lie - most recently the claim that Joe Biden won the US Presidential election fair and square, and that Covid-19 was such a deadly disease that it has been necessary to crush the independent, middle classes of the entire world to fight it - are also using Alexei Navalny as part of a much bigger drive to demonise Vladimir Putin and Russia.

The Washington elite's primary motivation in doing so is clear - to push Germany into cancelling the Nordstream-2 gas pipeline project, which would make the EU less reliant on expensive US liquified natural gas supplies, and help keep 'Europe' a subservient part of the elite Dollar Empire. Unfortunately, while they may not actually be trying to provoke World War 3, making such sabre-rattling gestures towards Russia - a country which had a uniquely painful history of being invaded and brutalised by outside powers - and China - a nation with bitter collective memories of the most appalling treatment by Britain, France and the USA - World War 3 is precisely what the propaganda hoaxers are risking.

It is all too easy for conservatives with a lifelong and very well-founded hostility to Communism to be manipulated by the liberal media liars into believing their propaganda, but it is important that we do not fall for this. Vladimir Putin WAS an intelligence operative in a Communist regime, but he was also a Christian even then, and since the fall of Communism he has turned Russia back into the world's Number One Christian power. China is a long way away, and Western war fleets are sailing on the edge of Chinese waters, not the other way around. 

If the liberal elite want to pick a fight with Russia and China over the fact that they do not allow LGBTQ+ indoctrination of children, and kill and jail Islamic terrorists, then let them send their own sons and daughters to do their dirty work; it's certainly not our fight!