Muppets! UK ‘Climate Change’ Farce

Muppets! UK ‘Climate Change’ Farce

The government is paralysed by the poison of Theresa May’s Breixt-That-Isn’t scam. London is gripped daily by news of stabbings, shootings and acid attacks. The Royal Navy’s ONE patrol ship is unable to stop Islamist-run migrant boats sneaking across the Channel. But never fear – the political elite are going to WAR against bonfires, stoves, candles and carpets!



The muppets ‘running’ Britain have converted South Yorkshire’s giant Drax power station into a giant woodburner that imports entire felled forests form CANADA to belch woodsmoke as it produces dirty electricity, so now they’re going to try to reduce Britain’s particulate emissions by clamping down on woodburning stoves, bonfires and household cleaning products.

The Clean Air Strategy, which will be launched today, aims to reduce the estimated 36,000 annual deaths blamed on breathing toxic air. The Government said it would become the first major economy to adopt tough World Health Organisation standards.

Proposals include a ban on the most polluting fuels – such as domestic coal – and ensuring only the cleanest stoves are sold. No estimate has been given as to how many old people will die of cold because they can’t afford the new ‘cleanest stoves’ and will be denied the right to buy the coal they rely on for winter warmth.

Woodburning stoves and open fires are claimed to be the biggest source of outdoor particulate emissions – 38 per cent, compared with 16 per cent from industrial processes, and 12 per cent from road transport.

Much of the ‘strategy’ will involve advice to families such as to have fewer bonfires and buy in bulk to reduce the number of deliveries by van.

Manufacturers will be told to reduce emissions from scented candles, carpets, laminate flooring and glues. These add to particulate pollution and can break down to create toxic gases.

Local councils will be given more powers in high pollution areas while ports will have to reduce pollution from shipping. Laws preventing cars from idling may be tightened.

This is all the direct result of the entire UK Parliament, save for just TWO lone dissident MPs, voting to adopt insanely tight and utterly unachievable measures to “fight climate change”, saddling British taxpayers with a bill of at least £18 Billion every year. And the drive to meet the impossible targets against carbon dioxide (the natural fertiliser used for all plant growth) forces governments to adopt ever more ludicrous ‘policies’ such as this one.

The political elite isn’t just betraying Brexit, they are also showing their total incompetence and bullying nanny-state contempt for the people who pay their salaries, as well as for all their many follies!