Muslim Parents Resist LGBTQ Programming!

Muslim Parents Resist LGBTQ Programming!

80% of children have been withdrawn from a school by brave parents in a protest against state-sponsored LGBTQ+ child-molesting. The protest in Birmingham is 100% in line with traditional Christian values – yet it is by Muslim parents.


An estimated 600 Muslim children have been withdrawn from the school in protest against lessons about homosexuality and gender equality.

The pupils, aged between 4 and 11, are being kept home from Parkfield Community School in Birmingham to protest against the school’s ‘No Outsiders’ programme, which teaches children about LGBT lifestyles, including transgender genital mutilation.

The children involved in the mass exodus represent about 80 per cent of the school’s entire enrolment.

The Alum Community Rock Forum told Birmingham Live the pupils were pulled out of the classroom, because the school was ‘undermining parental rights and aggressively promoting homosexuality’.

‘Dialogue, petitioning and protests by parents have been repeated and arrogantly ignored,’ the forum explains.

The twisted indoctrination is led by a homosexual teacher who was given an award by Britain’s fake ‘conservative’ government in 2017 for his efforts to pervert children.

A few Christian parents have joined the protests, but the sad truth is that similar brainwashing is being imposed in schools with majority Christian pupils without so much as a squeak from their parents.

Regular readers will know  that the KTI speak out frequently and fearlessly against the Islamisation of the West but – in this case – we have to commend these Muslim parents for making a stand for decency and for the rights of children. Christian parents need to take note, and take action!