New Irish PM Is Abortion Turncoat

New Irish PM Is Abortion Turncoat

Simon Harris, who oversaw the introduction of abortion into Ireland, has been elected by the parliament as the nation’s youngest Prime Minister. This was despite his using an anti-abortion stance when he was campaigning to get elected in the first place. The child murder turncoat is also notorious in Ireland for imposing some of the most totalitarian Covid lockdown restrictions while Minister of Health.

On April 9, a vote by Ireland’s members of the Dail (TDs), confirmed Simon Harris as the incoming Taoiseach or Prime Minister, following the shock resignation of Leo Varadkar on March 20. 

The outgoing openly-homosexual Varadkar made waves with his anti-Catholic rhetoric, his promotion of LGBT ideology, same-sex “marriage” and abortion, and proposing a draconian hate-speech law.

While it was under Varadkar’s tenure that Ireland ushered in abortion in May 2018, it was due to Harris that the murder of the unborn became commonplace in the nation. 

While drumming up support to become a TD in 2011, Harris ran on a pro-life ticket. But once in office, he turned his coat, leading the move to introduce abortion via the so-called “Repeal the 8th” campaign, which looked to repeal the Eighth Amendment of the nation’s constitution which outlawed abortion.  

As Minister for Health Harris formally introduced the bill into the Dail which allowed for the Eighth Amendment to be repealed. With the Irish Senate passing the Regulation of Termination of Pregnancy Bill in December 2018, Ireland earned the dishonour of having one of the most permissive abortion laws in Europe. 

The law permits abortion on demand for up to the 12th week of the unborn baby’s life, to the age of “viability” if the child is believed to be a risk to the life or the “health” of his or her mother, and also permits abortion at any age if the child is at risk of having a “fetal abnormality” that could lead to his or her natural death before or within 28 days of birth.

Harris also announced he was “committed” to introducing exclusion zones around abortion mills, to prevent pro-life witness outside, and has continued to praise the introduction of abortion as being “free, safe and legal.” 

Under the early months of the COVID plandemic, Harris introduced particularly stringent restrictions in late March 2020 which – among other things – saw citizens banned from traveling any more than 2 kilometers from their homes for exercise. Although this was extended to a 5 kilometer radius in May, some citizens traveling to church were still turned around by police enforcement.