The New Religious War - Tucker Carlson

The New Religious War - Tucker Carlson

The LGBTQ 'Pride' campaign is not about 'liberation', it's a new religious war!

That's the view of America's most popular TV pundit Tucker Carlson. Speaking to his huge following on Twitter last week, Carlson unpacked the possible ramifications of the “Pride” campaign and its violation of “rules that no human being made, but that people could ignore only at their peril, at great risk.”

Using Richard “Rachel” Levine, a man “identifying” as a woman, as a symbol, Carlson observed that the “Pride” campaign being imposed by the powerful is “just another religious war” between “the people who think they’re God versus everybody else,” and the first category includes “virtually everybody… in a position of authority in the United States.”

“In primitive civilizations – which would include every civilization since the beginning of time until ours – people assumed there were rules,” which came from a higher power and were thus unchangeable and dangerous to breach, he said.

“Some called these rules nature or natural law, or even as societies advanced, theology. But most of the time people didn’t call them anything. They didn’t have to. There wasn’t a debate about whether the rules were real,” the former Fox News television titan observed.

“People assumed there were consequences to pretending that you were God. They thought Sodom and Gomorrah were real places that were destroyed for disobedience,” he said, referring to the account in Genesis 19 when God destroyed these cities with “brimstone and fire” for the sins of unnatural sexual practices.

Not anymore. Rick Levine doesn’t worry about being punished by forces he can’t see. He knows he’s in charge. He makes the rules. He sets the limits. Reality is what he says it is. That’s his view. And he shares it with virtually everybody else in a position of authority in the United States,” he continued.

“That’s a pretty bold bet, really,” Carlson observed. “For 7 million years, human beings have believed one thing, presumably based on some evidence. Around 2015, they became convinced of something completely different.”

“Are they right? It feels like we’re going to find out soon,” he concluded.