New UK Covid Lockdown 'Inevitable' in Autumn

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New UK Covid Lockdown 'Inevitable' in Autumn

Despite millions of Brits obedient taking their Covid vaccinations, and hospitalisalisation and death rates crashing through the floor, the UK elite are already plotting to plunbge the country back into devastating lockdown again in the autumn.

They haven’t set the country free from the second lockdown yet, but already the elite are preparing for the third. Despite the economic, social and health disasters create by their hysterical over-reaction to the Covid flu, the Powers That Be are getting ready to plunge us all back into virtual house arrest as soon as the autumn brings its normal seasonal increase in respiratory viruses.

The head of the Office for National Statistics said on Sunday that a third wave of coronavirus infections is "inevitable".

Sir Ian Diamond told The Andrew Marr Show: "This is a virus that isn’t going to go away. I have no doubt that in the autumn there will be a further wave of infections.”

Leaked NHS documents  confirm hospitals have been ordered to 'begin to plan for a possible wave three Covid surge', according to the Health Service Journal.

A third lockdown would condemn thousands more cancer and heart disease patients to death, send suicide and mental illness rates through the roof and complete the destruction of most surviving independent businesses.

But make no mistake, the Johnson regime and its sinister globalist paymasters will force it on Britain, just as the Democrats will on the USA, and liberal elite puppet politicians will do all over the world.

This is because the Covid lockdowns were never about health, but always about pushing a far bigger - and thoroughly evil agenda. The whole artificial 'crisis', the aims behind it, and what you can and must do to defend yourself against it, is the subject of the eye-opening new Templar book, Deus Vult - The Great Reset Resistance. Order your copy TODAY on the form on our rotating banner.

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