NHS gender clinic following guidelines that encourage castration

NHS gender clinic following guidelines that encourage castration

An urgent investigation into a gender clinic in Glasgow is being demanded over fears it is adhering to discredited trans healthcare guidelines.

According to a job advert, the centre encourages puberty blockers and physical or chemical castrations.

The Sandyford Clinic has published a job description for a new clinical lead which reportedly states that it follows treatment rules set out by criticised US group - the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH).

The controversial American organisation has been slammed as an "extreme lobby group" by experts following a leak of internal documents.

Their latest guidelines - not officially endorsed by the Scottish NHS - endorses puberty-blocking hormones that have been banned in England and supports permanent gender reassignment surgery for adolescents.

The guidance also includes claims that "eunuchs" should be formally recognised as a gender identity and they can benefit from "affirming" surgery - physical or chemical castrations.

Leaked WPATH documents suggested its members knew young people could not meaningfully consent to life-changing treatments but continued to offer them.

The Scottish clinic has been condemned by women’s group who allege that the firm is failing children by choosing to follow “extreme and ideological” rules not supported by science.

"This advertisement for a senior post shows the Sandyford is following extreme guidelines from an organisation that has been completely discredited," Trina Budge, a director with the For Women Scotland campaign group told The Telegraph.

"Lobbying groups have been allowed to push medical quackery to children and young people, aided by activist clinicians writing up treatment rules not backed by any evidence."

In 2012, the Scottish NHS "incorporated" an older version of WPATH rules into its national trans guidelines.

The 2022 version states: "The service adheres to National Standards as set out in the Gender Reassignment Protocol for Scotland and the World Professional Association for Transgender Health’s Standards of Care (8th Version, 2022)."

NHS Scotland has previously denied following WPATH rules.

An NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde spokesperson said: "NHSGGC Gender Services operates in line with national policy."