Nick Griffin on Aussie Channel

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Nick Griffin on Aussie Channel

Covid tyranny, the Great Reset, state infiltration, China, nationalist history and the outlook for the future- it's all covered in this wide-ranging discussion between two veterans of the struggle. Regular Templar Report guest Nick Griffin is interviewed in a full-length programme by Dr. Jim Saleam, chairman of the Australia First Party.

The Templars are of course NOT a political organisation, but in the fast-changing and increasingly insane world in which we live, politics and current affairs - and for forces behind them - are of great interest to many and of even greater importance to us all. The facts, issues and ideas discussed here are therefore deserving of as wide and audience as possible.

The YouTube version of this interview is, how may we put it, 'unstable'. Every time the 'Likes' start to rise, they are mysteriously set back to '1'. So just in case it vanishes altogether, we'll put the link to the Australian Bulletin's censorship-proof back-up channel underneath it too.

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