No More U.S. Taxes For Al Qaeda!

No More U.S. Taxes For Al Qaeda!

The pledge to stop wasting American lives and taxes in ‘endless wars’ in the Middle East was one of Donald Trump’s most popular election promises.

But thanks to endless pressure from the Deep State, the Beltway elite and foreign lobby groups, it’s proving very hard to keep.

The lightning withdrawal of U.S. troops from northern Syria earlier this month was a great step forward, but this step forward was promptly followed by two steps back. First, it was announced that U.S. tanks are to be deployed to Syrian oil fields.

The claim that this is to stop them being seize by ISIS is a blatant lie, since the Jihadis in the area are now reduced to a few hit-and-run terrorist operations; the only people set to ‘take’ Syria’s oil wells are the forces of the democratically elected (and secular) Syrian government, which has the fervent support of Syria’s Christian minority.

Second, we’ve had President Trump announcing approval of a further $4.5 million in aid to the White Helmets, the so-called rescue group operating in Syria. Trump hailed them as “important and highly valued”. Last year, the President also signed off on $6.8 million of aid to the White Helmets.

Despite this group winning an Oscar award for one its propaganda films, the White Helmets have been outed by several investigative reports as a media arm for the Al Qaeda-affiliated Hayat Tahrir al Shams (formerly, Nusra Front) and other Islamic State (ISIS) outfits. The pseudo rescue group only works in the shrinking areas that are still under the control of the jihadist terror network.

They have been exposed for having mounted false-flag terror attacks with chemical weapons and falsely attributing the attacks to the Syrian Arab Army or allied Russian forces. “They are a complete propaganda construct,” says award-winning journalist John Pilger.