No Place In Hell....

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No Place In Hell....

There is no place in Hell hot enough for people like the teacher in this video. To set out to instill guilt in one group of children for the colour of their skin, while stoking resentment and potentially hatred among others, is absolutely unforgivable.

In this case the offender is a Brit, but leftist teachers in the USA, Canada and indeed in every Western nation are just as bad.

The only people more guilty are parents who see what is going on, but leave their children in the hands of these smug, bigoted monsters. The answer is home-schooling. This is one of the many issues discussed in the Templar's Deus Vult series. The second book in the trilogy, The Great Reset Resistance, is due in from the printers as early as next week. Get your order in today to ensure the earliest possible dispatch!


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