North Face sponsors LGBT overnight camp for kids

North Face sponsors LGBT overnight camp for kids

Outdoor athletic clothing giant the North Face sponsors a summer camp where children as young as 12 are indoctrinated into homosexuality and gender confusion by being pushed to dress in drag and use “genderless” bathrooms and housing.

The Camp Brave Trails, which advertises as an “overnight summer camp specially designed” for children between 12-17 who identify as “LGBTQ,” was begun in 2015 and has locations in California and New York. The camp seeks to “empower future LGBTQ+ leaders,” including by having them meet with “adult mentors.”

“Welcome to Camp Brave Trails, where we blend all the traditional elements of a summer camp with an LGBTQ+ twist!” says the Brave Trails website. It adds that the camp is designed as “a safe haven” for so-called “LGBTQ+ youth,” “offering them a unique opportunity to forge lasting connections within their community.”

Multiple videos available online show kids involved in cross-dressing and pursuing ambiguous “gender identities.”

The website boasts of having “provided 700 hours of queer affirming mental health services” to children in California.

The ACLU has offered a workshop titled “Knowing Your Rights As An LGBTQ Youth” at the camp that encouraged a pair of teenagers to return to their high school, aided by attorneys, to force their principal to allow them to launch an LGBTQ club after he had previously denied their request as “inappropriate.”

“We are wholeheartedly committed to nurturing the emergence of the next wave of LGBTQ+ leaders and change-makers,” said cofounders Jessica and Kayla Weissbuch on the Brave Trails website, adding their desire that so-called “LGBTQ youth” have “spaces where they can both celebrate being a queer person [sic] and process the challenges of existing in a culture that is constantly trying to dismantle their human rights.”

The website states that the two women “proudly parent their beautiful child, Ari,” in Los Angeles.

“All of our housing is genderless, bathrooms are genderless, we ask for names and pronouns all the time from campers and they can change them all they like,” said Kayla Weissbuch when she and Jessica Weissbuch appeared on the Kelly Clarkson Show. “It’s magical. It’s really cool.”

The mother of one of the male campers told Clarkson that the camp is a place where kids “can explore their pronouns and learn and grow as a queer person [sic].”

Clarkson praised the camp and suggested that kids can take the indoctrination that they undergo at the camp and spread it back home through a “ripple effect” that “infects” society in order to change it.

At the conclusion of the segment, Clarkson announced that Conagra, which owns iconic brands such as Birds Eye, Duncan Hines, Reddi-wip and Slim Jim, would donate $10,000 to the camp.

“While Camp Brave Trails boasts several different sponsors, The North Face has repeatedly pushed a far-left agenda on both gender and race,” according to a report by the Daily Caller’s Spencer Lindquist. “The company most recently encouraged customers to complete a diversity, equity, and inclusion training course called ‘allyship in the outdoors,’ enticing them with a 20% discount. The North Face was also met with backlash over its ‘Summer of Pride’ campaign, which featured advertisements highlighting a drag performer.”

“The company sponsors a high-profile mountain climber who is currently being sued by America First Legal, which filed a lawsuit alleging that the climber and a North Face employee ruined a man’s career and got him fired over false accusations of racism,” noted Lindquist.