One 'Industry' They SHOULD Crush

One 'Industry' They SHOULD Crush

The UK government's latest planned response to (or exploitation of) the 'Covid Crisis' was announced yesterday. The Johnson regime has said it will grant itself wide-sweeping extra nanny state powers to forcibly improve the nation's health. These range from measures to reduce the consumption of junk food through to compulsory mass medication through the fluoridation of water supplies.

As it happens, there is clear justification for getting to grips with the problem of the over-processed, super-sized, aggressively-advertised, corporate-dominated, junk food industry. Unfortunately, the clout of the giant companies involved makes it very likely that much will actually be achieved. But fresh steps to add the poisonous industrial waste product to drinking water can only be described as sinister - as well as being in breach of the rule against compulsory medication established by the Nuremberg Trials.

If the regime was really concerned about the long-term health of the nation, they would move to deal with the menace of micro-plastics and other gender-bending substances in our water, rather than plotting to add yet another toxic chemical to the already dangerous mix.

As for specific industries whose activities are harmful to health, there is one in particular that has absolutely ZERO social value, and which is directly responsible for poverty, misery, family break ups and death: Gambling. The explosion of adverts for online casinos during lockdown has only made worse a problem that was already huge and out of control.

Fresh light on the issue as emerged from a new study that shows that young problem gamblers are up to nine times more likely to attempt suicide.

Researchers from the University of Glasgow said there was a ‘substantial and significant’ association between harmful gambling and attempted suicide among 16 to 24-year-olds.

A survey of 3,500 people found that a third of men in this age group who attempted suicide in the last year were problem gamblers. This was nine times more than those who had not made a suicide attempt.

One in seven women who had attempted suicide were problem gamblers – 4.9 times more likely than those who had not made a suicide attempt.

Dr Heather Wardle, the lead author on the report, said: ‘Our study found there was a substantial and significant association between problem gambling and attempted suicide amongst young people.

‘The association was very strong, even standing up when we took a range of other things into account, such as the amount people used social media and gaming.

‘For more than a decade, we have failed to fully appreciate the scale, severity and range of harms generated by gambling. We must now consider gambling as a public health issue.’

Indeed we should. For all that junk food is a health issue, it is at least food, it is at least relatively affordable, and it fills the void left by the feminist-inspired destruction of cookery classes for girls in schools. The gambling industry, by contrast, serves no useful purpose whatsoever. It is a mechanism whereby a small sub-section of the elite are able to rob the poor, systematically and ruthlessly, often with their enthusiastic consent.

This is exactly where a proper, Christian-inspired government would not hesitate to use its power. If people want to gamble over cards in their local pub, make wagers on anything that takes their fancy, bet with their mates on the outcome of a football game, or even go for a day at the races - which is about much more than mere gambling - that should be their business and their alone. But industrial scale gambling involving betting shops, mass advertising and online gaming venues should simply be banned. And any attempt to resurrect them under any guise should be met with prison terms and the seizure of all the assets of those responsible.

"This would involve interfering with the markets and impinge the rights of companies to do business", the libertarian 'right' will whine. Absolutely! And it is exactly what should be done. Like forbidding blasphemy and the promotion of sexual deviancy, it is what a Christian state should do, would do and - one blessed day in the future - will do. Because freedom is the birthright of good men, not of perverts, thieves and those whose money-grubbing lures decent people into debt, misery and suicide. They should be crushed - without mercy. Deus Vult!