One Step Closer to No Deal Brexit”!

One Step Closer to No Deal Brexit”!

REMAIN-BACKING MPs have “increased the likelihood” of a no deal Brexit by passing their disgracefully undemocratic bill forcing the Prime Minister to seek an extension if no agreement is in place by April 10, a Brexit minister has said.

Remainers celebrating their slim victory in Parliament yesterday have been warned they may have actually increased the chances for Britain to “accidentally” leave the European Union without a deal, Robin Walker said.

According to the bill tabled by Labour MP Yvette Cooper, Theresa May must head to Brussels to ask for another extension to Article 50 if she fails to find a way forward with Jeremy Corbyn able to end the deadlock in the House.

If Brussels agrees to further delay Brexit, MPs will have to support the Article 50 extension with another vote on the following day.

But, Mr Walker said, the UK may not have enough time to complete the necessary paperwork to effectively delay Brexit by the time it is scheduled to leave.

Speaking in the Commons after yesterday’s vote, he said there is a “real risk created by this bill that we could be timed out”.

He added: “For example, on April 10, the EU could propose an extension of an alternative length.

“Under this Bill the PM must then return to this House to put forward that proposal.

“But by April 11, by the time this House has had time to consider that, the Council would be over.

“We would need to confirm UK agreement to the EU proposal and get an EU council decision before 11pm on April 12.

“I struggle to see how we could carry out such a negotiation through correspondence in 24 hours before we leave.”

Furthermore, the bill passed by the Commons still has to pass the Lords in order to become law, and pro-Brexit peers may try to alk it out of time.

Even if pro-Remainers manage to bulldoze it through, however, it would still only take one of the EU’s states to veto the proposal to extend Article 50 for the whole thing to collapse and Britain to leave with No Deal.

That remains less likely than some kind of Remain-in-all-but-name ‘Soft Brexit’ stitch-up, but it is now more of a real possibility than ever. If it happens, remember that the Hidden Templar pointed out that it might – and exactly why – before any other commentator!