Parents Must Make Themselves Heard!

Parents Must Make Themselves Heard!

Hundreds of parents at a Dublin rally have been urged to counter the teaching of radical gender ideology in primary schools.

Addressing the crowd at the National Stadium, Senator Sharon Keoghan said transgender ideology should not be foisted on children in the name of sex education.

The new Social and Personal Health Education (SPHE) curriculum for primary schools, due to be introduced from September 2025, promotes the contested idea of gender identity.

In her speech at the event organised by the group Christian Voice Ireland (CVI), Senator Keoghan accused the Government of pushing “state-sponsored gender confusion”.

She argued: “Children will be taught about how harmful attitudes around gender are perpetuated online. What harmful attitudes are being referred to?

“We can only guess that they mean ‘offensive statements’, such as men are men and women are women. Children will be taught to confront these ideas.

“This radical teaching is a shocking recent modern invention, the long-term impact of which can only be guessed at.”

One school principal at the event told the Irish Independent: “I will be advising parents to withdraw their children from the new curriculum.”

Another attendee, working as a special needs assistant, said: “I have parents coming to me with all sorts of questions, particularly around how explicit the new curriculum will be. Schools are being given too much liberty.”

John Ahern, Senior Pastor at Dublin’s All Nations Church – one of more than 80 churches that make up CVI – told the Irish Independent that many teachers and principals “are uncomfortable teaching this to kids” and don’t want to be forced to do so.

But that's exactly what the government plans. A spokesperson for the Department of Education has said: “Schools are required to teach the SPHE/RSE curriculum and may not opt out of this subject. Teachers are employed to teach the curriculum, which includes SPHE and all aspects of the RSE programme.”

Parents are legally entitled to withdraw their children from these lessons, but this fact is very little advertised. Further, even if a few children are withdrawn from the lessons, they will later be at risk of being infected with the transgender mind-rot when they talk with the majority whose parents couldn't be bothered to try to protect their children.

The only real solutions are a mass revolt by parents and sane teachers which actually stops the lessons or, if that is impossible, home schooling.