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The differing societal and family roles performed by men and women approximate the self-evident physical differences that exist between them – the two equally important masculine and feminine halves of the human species. Far from arbitrary, the specialized gender-specific roles performed by men and women in traditional Eurasian societies were developed out of patriarchal – which is to say organic – necessity and maintained for countless millennia stretching far back into the murky epoch of prehistory, i.e. the earliest history of Homo sapiens.

Just a smattering of the great past and present Eurasian cultures that have adopted strict forms of patriarchy include: the Indo-Aryans, Persians, Chinese, Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Turks, and Russians. If we let History be our guide, it is quite clear: Patriarchy is the only structural form of hierarchy strong enough to sustain traditional Eurasian cultures on all levels (socially, culturally, politically, etc.).

For the patriarchal system to function properly, as an outgrowth of organic law, it must be firmly rooted in society, from the basic family unit all the way up to the highest echelons of a society’s political leadership. The ancient Roman institution of the paterfamilias epitomizes the patriarchal paradigm in all its splendor. Of course the societies generated by the great Eurasian cultures of the past stand in stark contrast to the postmodern ahistorical “global society” we see unfolding all around us – from Hollywood to Hong Kong.

In only a couple of generations’ time the people of the West (i.e. those inhabiting “ground zero” of all global decay) have witnessed the ill effects of anti-patriarchal norms, namely forced feminization, in virtually every aspect of their collective existence. In education, politics, business, culture, art, the military, even in the softening physical forms and increasingly effeminate speech patterns of their young men. On all fronts, Western men are being turned into mere women with male genitalia to the point where they have to continuously feel guilty and apologetic for being men. Is it any real wonder why so many American cultural trendsetters (the so-called “celebrities”) are lining up in droves to become transgender freaks of nature?!

Needless to say, this forced feminization has inflicted an enormous amount of mental, emotional and cultural damage on Western people as a whole – to both men and women. Moreover, the “soft-totalitarianism” of the liberal democratic State has only caused this problem to fester, since it is liberal democracy itself which is so appealing to the fairer sex, and to the “feminine side” of men as well. Actions like voting (a popularity contest), demonstrating/boycotting (passive-aggressive behavior), lobbying, punditry (i.e. gossip) – all these are essentially feminine attributes.

Now, it must be stressed, Neo-Eurasianism (or what is also referred to simply as Eurasianism) is not against femininity when it is properly balanced by its masculine counterpart. Indeed, we Eurasianists fundamentally believe that a woman is equal to a man in human dignity just as much as we categorically reject misogyny. And just like men, women have their own unique rights to enjoy as well as duties to perform. Women are the great nurturers of the human species. This is not some abstract ideal which needs to be enshrined in law, but a fact of both Nature and History. Eurasianists only oppose the wholesale emasculation of a people which inevitably occurs when the corrupt anti-patriarchal concept of feminism is permitted to infect an otherwise healthy society. We believe that feminism is co-equal in its destructive value with the homosexual agenda, and is therefore one of the greatest crimes that can be perpetrated against a people.

Thus, the concept – or rather, the ideology! – of so-called feminism is totally foreign to and incompatible with our own Eurasian morality. Moreover, the liberal roots of feminism are easy to uncover when one studies the topic for any small length of time. As an idea, feminism (like its liberal progenitor) is totally antithetical to the laws of Nature. For where exactly can it be seen in the animal kingdom that the female sex is equal to the male in terms of physical strength and sheer hardness? Perhaps a better question would be: where in all of Nature, and among all species, do you find female animals performing the same exact roles as their male counterparts? The answer: among human beings in the asinine Western World. That is, in the politically liberal, economically Capitalist, culturally degenerate, and American-controlled Western World.

As Francis P. Yockey stressed years ago in his magnum opus Imperium, Liberalism “puts a uniform on [a woman] and calls her a ‘soldier.’” Such absurdity only confirms (Yockey continued) that “fundamental realities cannot be renounced, even, by the most elaborate make-believe.” Quite illogically, therefore, feminists promote their agenda as some kind of distorted mirror-image of masculinity, to the detriment of true femininity. Julius Evola described this development, which has appeared cyclically throughout history, as Amazonism – an appropriate term if there ever was one!

Over the course of the past century Westerners have zealously attempted to convince themselves that women are: (1) the physical equals of men, and (2) well-suited to perform traditionally masculine roles. Far from truly advancing the emotional stability and quality of life of “career women,” these obvious lies have led to one of the greatest crimes in recorded history: the breakdown of the family unit. Statistics have shown that as the number of women in the workforce has increased, so too have the number of divorced households, which in turn has led to an increase in neglected, abused and delinquent children.

Truly, since the 1960s, when super-feminists like Gloria Steinem, Betty Friedan and Bella Abzug were campaigning for their distorted version of “women’s rights” (which meant giving everything masculine to women except the male anatomy), the number of broken homes and psychotic children has skyrocketed! The simple masses have been hoodwinked by the feminist agenda and other sinister materialist dogmas. In fact the Western masses have been so bamboozled that, in many ways, they have only themselves to blame. Although a vast amount of enemy propaganda has been circulating continuously for the past several decades, the simple truth is, people do not have to buy into it. It is an unfortunate truth that many families have willfully given up on instilling their children with even a semblance of traditional, patriarchal values. In so doing, they willfully slap each and every one of their ancestors in the face.

The all too withered fruits of extreme egocentrism, first seeded during the Enlightenment, have finally been plucked for all to see, and what a horrible and truly tragic sight it is! Today in the United States, almost every other child is afflicted with “attention deficit disorder” and autism, among other maladies. Of course drug use is also rampant among American youths, along with gang violence and all other forms of degeneration. Meanwhile true parents – i.e. mothers and fathers who have instilled traditional values in their offspring – are becoming fewer and fewer in number.

Now let us turn our attention to feminism’s ideological twin: the homosexual agenda and the part it plays in destroying the traditional heterosexual family unit. It is certainly no accident that this specific form of sexual perversion has, for many decades, been consistently forced down the throats of straight people all over the Western World (no pun intended). This psychotic realm of pornocratic degeneracy, alongside feminism and liberalism, is one of the more blatantly American fronts of counter-culturalism or anti-Tradition.

When one looks into the subject of homosexual activism, one will find a superabundance of liberal Americans among the “alternative lifestyle’s” fiercest proponents. The following are just some of the names one might come across: Harvey Milk, Mark Segal, Mary Bernstein, Brenda Howard, Paul Goodman, Andy Thayer, Larry Kramer and too many others to list here. By and large, left-wing liberal Americans have “cornered the market” (so to speak) on the homosexual agenda in their ongoing effort to pervert the minds of the herd-like, pop-culture guzzling masses both domestically and abroad. Naturally then, American pop-culture “icons” who support so-called “gay rights” are indispensable to the promotion of the homosexual agenda all over the world.

Nevertheless, in these times of abject degeneracy, in these times of Kali Yuga (as the Hindus would say), it does not matter whether or not an outspoken homosexual or feminist happens to be an American. There are plenty of other homosexual and feminist activists worldwide. What does matter, however, is that an overwhelming majority of these activists are liberals. In fact, it would appear, ontologically, that in order to become either a homosexual or a feminist, one must first be baptized a brazenfaced liberal!

Regardless of whether or not this last observance of the author is true, it is an absolute fact that all three of these moral degenerates – the homosexual, the feminist and the liberal – are identical when it comes to having no sense of honor. Just as the homosexual betrays the honor of nature, the feminist betrays the honor of her gender. As for the liberal, he or she betrays the honor of all human beings. As culture-distorters this depraved Anti-Trinity revels in its shared advocacy for total erotic anarchy. As culture-destroyers, the Anti-Trinity is driven by a deep sense of hatred for all aspects of patriarchy and any form of socio-cultural traditionalism. Hence the depraved antics of pro-homosexual/pro-feminist groups like Femen and “Pussy Riot.”

Specifically regarding homosexuality, the concept of honor does not even remotely register anywhere inside the homosexual’s brain. The homosexual is someone who is defined by sex; his/her same-sex lust is incorporated into the homosexual’s very being. This is easily noticeable whenever one has the misfortune of crossing paths with the “openly gay” male. This poor wretched soul, who often has his “boyfriend” gleefully striding beside him, will never cease in brazenly attempting eye contact with every mildly attractive male he passes on the street. This pathetic creature is obviously never satisfied sexually, and so he attempts to make “contact” with as many other men as possible, even to his partner’s delight! Such overtly promiscuous behavior on the part of a heterosexual male would promptly force his wife or girlfriend out of his life for good. Not so with the homosexual; for his (or hers) is a life of vampirism – a ceaseless and tireless quest to convert as many fellow degenerates to the queer perversion as possible. Often the conversion is made in exchange for monetary gain, as is the case in Hollywood where “young talent” is continually “discovered” and then expeditiously tossed aside, merely to satisfy the momentary cravings of the Sodomite studio heads.

Same-sex lust is the overt side to the homosexual agenda. However there is a covert reason behind it as well… and that is: the destruction of the family. More specifically: the destruction of the traditional family. For every person who is gay or lesbian, there is the end of that person’s family line. In some cases lesbians do bear children through artificial insemination, however adoption is much more common. And of course all feminist special interest groups zealously support both abortion and alternative lifestyles – especially for single women.

Before we close, let us say something about abortion. Due to the increasingly high rates of this miscarriage of Natural Justice among biologically fit parents, the number of fit offspring is rapidly declining. At the same time, and as a consequence, the number of physically-challenged and emotionally unstable children is growing. This is the mission of abortion: to convince fit would-be parents (especially women) that it is natural and even necessary for them to engage in sexual activity without the desire to produce children. And so the liberal mission of abortion is the total extinction of the human race – a totally anti-Natural process which relies on the conscious and voluntary self-annihilation of an entire species. Again, if one is to look to the animal kingdom, where will one find a comparable parallel? Where does the intentional mass-killing of offspring occur? When has one ever observed a she-wolf intentionally banging her belly against a tree in order to kill the unborn? Answer: Never. It does not happen. Yet this is exactly what is happening today en masse among the human species.

Therefore, the Eurasianist worldview stands resolutely against the atrocity of abortion – against the Steinem-Friedan-Abzug inspired genocide which is occurring at this very moment. The Eurasianist understands better than anyone that his children represent the most precious, sacred future of his people. He understands that his progeny deserve the right to grow physically, mentally and emotionally for their own glory, as well as for the glory of their family, culture and folk. Indeed, children are the greatest investment any human being can or ever will make.

So it must be that the future Eurasian State shall stand firmly opposed to the crime of abortion in all cases except if the fetus is the product of rape, incest, or if it can be medically proven that the fetus is a threat to the mother’s own survival or is somehow unhealthy, i.e. deformed. To permit life to be born after these latter crimes is itself criminal and irrational to civilized human beings. (Incidentally, this is a perfect example of how Eurasianist moral philosophy is at odds with the hypocritical values of organized religion.)

To conclude, it is the role of the International Eurasian Movement to correct and reverse the current cataclysmic course we are on as a species. Furthermore, it is the role of said Movement to defend and uphold patriarchal norms globally, and especially within the Eurasian culture.

When the Global-Atlanticist Beast is finally defeated alongside its decadent liberal ideology, and once the Central Committee of the Eurasian Movement secures a lasting political power, patriarchal norms shall be reinforced within the Eurasian society and so traditionalism will (at last!) be safeguarded. The replenishment of patriarchy and traditionalism shall even sprout new roots and become an inspiration to people all over the world.

Originally Published at: Katehon