Pay Per Mile Road Tax On the Way

Pay Per Mile Road Tax On the Way

If you thought having an electric car would save you money on road tax and fuel taxes - think again! Anyone who thinks the government would allow the new and over-hyped technology to cut tax revenues is a fool. To make up for a drop in revenue threatened by the forced move away from petrol and diesel vehicles, the Westminster traitors have been busy coming up with a new way of gouging money out of us all - a pay per mile driving tax that will hit every vehicle on the road.

The idea of a pay per mile road scheme is that all drivers will pay a certain amount based on how many miles they drive. Those who drive more will pay more in road tax. There may be considerations for those who have to drive for their job, like carers or surveyors, as well as for those who drive infrequently, or who live in very remote areas.

For example, it could be set up so that there is a tax-free mileage limit, over which any additional miles driven incur tax. Of course, to do this, they would need extremely effective roadside surveillance - which for the elite is a big bonus.

The data could be collected through telematics technology, such as black boxes similar to those used by car insurance providers. Other methods could include installing smart mileage meters in cars, analysing the data from drivers’ phones, or a massively increased web of surveillance cameras.

The outline of the scheme is being worked out by the Transport Select Committee, with details fleshed out by a new group separate to the Department of Transport and the UK Treasury.

The current Vehicle Excise Duty and fuel duty schemes bring in roughly £35 billion for the UK economy. They need replacing because in 2030, all new cars sold in the UK will have to be electric vehicles. These are not subject to VED, and don’t run on fuel, meaning no fuel duty either. So, over time, the amount of road tax and fuel duty paid will fall to nothing.

The Transport Select Committee believes that the reduction to zero will occur by 2040 as the second-hand car market shrinks in favour of electric vehicles and public transport.

So, there needs to be a replacement. Hence the TSC’s recommendation of pay per mile road tax. Because all drivers would be included in the scheme, including those who have been conned into buying electric. Owners of conventional vehicles, however, will suffer a third tax hit, as we'll still have to pay road tax and fuel tax, as well as the new Pay Per Mile rip-off. More and more of us will be taxed off the road - which, of course, is even more important to the elite than picking our pockets. "You'll own nothing, and get on the bus!"