People across the globe protest COVID-19 lockdowns

People across the globe protest COVID-19 lockdowns

In recent weeks, people across the globe have protested against the draconian restrictions imposed by governments in the wake of the coronavirus crisis.

These protests have largely been characterized as gatherings of “COVID-deniers” by many liberal media outlets, although it seems the majority of the events have been focused simply on opposing mandatory vaccines, harsh lockdowns, and masking rules.

On August 29, more than 30,000 people gathered in London, England, for a rally. Weather forecaster Piers Corbyn, the brother of former leader of the Labour party Jeremy Corbyn, was among the speakers.

In Berlin, Germany, local authorities had tried to ban a large protest, but were corrected by the courts.

According to police, roughly 38,000 people protested the mask mandates, and the potential for making a COVID-19 vaccine mandatory.

About 1,200 people in the Canadian capital of Ottawa disregarded “public health guidance to wear masks in public areas, avoid large gatherings and practise physical distancing,” gathering “on Parliament Hill Saturday to protest pandemic safety measures they say infringe on their personal rights,” the CBC reported.

A smaller crowd of a few hundred people came together in Zurich, Switzerland. The peaceful protest was dissolved by police.

In mid-August, the Spanish capital of Madrid was the sight of another large protest.

Here, too, forced face coverings and vaccines were the main issues.

In May, people in Bosnia and Herzegovina, a small country in Southeast Europe, protested “against bad governance, nationalism and corruption as senior government officials face graft accusations related to the procurement of defective ventilators for COVID-19 patients.”