Practical Templarism in Action – The Babies In This Photo Were Saved With YOUR Help!

At least they were if you’re already a member or an active supporter of the Templars! How? Because, for several years now, the Templars have been helping one of Hungary’s most successful Pro-Life organisation raise funds, gather clothing and other practical aid, and arrange adoptions rather than abortions.

Even before that, some of our key members had been involved with the pro-life struggle in Hungary for more than 20 years,

So when our friends in in the Hungarian Pro-life movement this summer gathering of some of the families they have helped find practical ways to avoid abortion, they flew the Templar flag. It’s their way of showing their gratitude to everyone who have helped to make the Knights Templar International the largest Templar organisation in the world – and by far the most effective at providing real, practical help to Christians in real need.

Because, although we do have initiations, regalia and Christian ritual, the KTI is not a dressing up club or a freemasonic business network, We are a militant, practical, muscular Christian Order. Following in the footsteps of our Templar forebears. 

This is the moving and inspiration personal story of Imre Téglásy, the Knights Templar International's Grand Prior in Hungary. The video relates Imre's years of struggle, as an abortion survivor himself, to promote the pro-Life message and cause in his native Hungary and beyond. Deus Vult!

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