Will you pray against this public Satanic ritual?

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Will you pray against this public Satanic ritual?

Satanists are planning a public "invocation" at the Washington State Capitol this Friday, March 6! The Satanic Temple of Washington has received permission from the Washington Department of Enterprise Service to perform their demonic ritual on the North Steps of the State Capitol in Olympia.
According to reports: "A congregation of satanists from Washington state were permitted to perform a ritual on the Capitol Building grounds next month.
"A release from The Satanic Temple of Washington State said the group was given a permit to perform an invocation March 6 during the current legislative session from noon to 1 p.m. on the north steps of the Legislative Building."
Satanists have come in the public to perform "invocations," Black Masses and even demonstrations for abortion. Besides this, large companies like Walmart and Amazon are supporting Satanism by selling statues, inverted crosses and even "children's" books about summoning demons.
We must reject this onslaught and make reparation to combat the growing onslaught of the devil.


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