Pro-Abortionists Exposed

Pro-Abortionists Exposed

This very clever pro-life video exposes and mocks the shallow and selfish motivations of pro-abortionists.

Several of the actors melodramatically state that “these are dark times.” 

“I find myself in this really bizarre state where I’m asking guys about things like their values and trustworthiness before sleeping with them,” one of the women states. 

“Before a girl has sex with me now, she’s asking me all these dumb questions. Like, ‘Do you love me?’ and ‘What happens if I get pregnant?’ and ‘Do you have a job?’” one of the men complains. 

While these statements may seem absurd at first, they are actually very close to the truth for many people. A survey of singles in the U.S. found that 80% of singles “stated that the Roe v. Wade decision has impacted their dating lives.”