Pro-Brexit Protest attracts "Tens of Thousands"

Pro-Brexit Protest attracts "Tens of Thousands"

Last Friday's pro-Brexit protest outside the Houses of Parliament was so huge that shocked mainstream media outlets have refused to put any meaningful number on it. “Tens of thousands” is the nearest anyone in the liberal elite has got to telling us the truth.


So congratulations and well done to the host of patriots who gave up a day’s work to pack into the centre of London to protest against the Brexit betrayal on the day Britain was scheduled to Leave!

Clearly, many of those who went have been shocked at the blatant stitch-up by which the politicians have robbed 17.4 million voters. Actually, they shouldn’t have been. As the video below shows, well-informed patriotic observers knew and warned from the very beginning that the political class would take no notice of the people who ‘only’ pay their inflated salaries!

That said, there is no – for the first time in three years – a serious possibility (and it is no more than that) of Britain leaving in a dramatic ‘No Deal’.

Not because of anything that happens in the UK Parliament, but because the Eurocrats are increasingly worried that, if Britain stays in, the resulting election of a majority of Euro-skeptic MEPs from the UK could tip the political balance in Brussels and Strasbourg and help replace the ruling liberal-left coalition with a right-wing one.

This is a possibility which the KTI’s Hidden Templar spokesman will be addressing in his next talk, now in the course of preparation, so if you want to know more…. watch this space!