Pro-Vaxx Governor Run Out of Town

Pro-Vaxx Governor Run Out of Town

Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont had to be escorted away by security after he was surrounded by a group of protesting parents, fuming at his support for school mask mandates.

The heated standoff between the governor and the parents took place outside Highland Elementary School in Cheshire on Wednesday after he emerged from a mask roundtable, which had to be wrapped up early after protesters raised hell over the potential extension of a school mask mandate past September 30.

Footage from the meeting shows protesters chanting, “You are all criminals,” and waving anti-mask signs at the governor.

The dramatic footage was ignored by most mainstream media outlets, which are desperate to conceal from the public the growing popular rejection of the elite's push to vaccinate children against a flu-like illness which is no danger at all to young people.

As our screenshot image shows, the footage did briefly appear on several minor news outlet news channels, but it was quickly taken down. This sort of extreme censorship is growing all the time as the liberals tighten their grip over the internet to match their stranglehold on the legacy media.

But however much they cover it up, the truth is out there and circulating ever more widely. Every time you share a post like this, you help advance the process that bit further, so many thanks for doing so.