Progress - the Most Absurd Myth

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Progress - the Most Absurd Myth

Liberalism is based in large part on the idea that Mankind's past was primitive, but that it has been improving steadily ever since, and will continue to do so. History, according to this liberal fantasy, is linear, and liberalism will bring us to perfection - the 'End of History'.

Real life, needless to say, is totally at odds with childish liberal theory. History is not linear at all, but cyclical. "Hard times make hard men. Hard men make good times. Soft times make bad men. Bad men make hard times...." There's far more wisdom in that old saying, turned meme, than in all the scribblings of all the liberals who ever wasted good air on this earth.

Learned historians have proven all this. Spengler, Toynbee, Glubb and others. But you don't have to be an intellectual to understand this, Ask any builder to take a look at this wall, a reproduction of those routinely built during the European Bronze Age.
Pictured is a typical wall dating back to those times. At eye and cross the thermal value of the wall is around 0.40/0.50 W/m2K, basically twice the insulating power of a 30 cm wall in lateral bricklaying used between the 1980s and 2000s.
3500 years ago they built walls with performance above the requirements of the former 10/91. law. There is no point trying to invent anything new. Just learn from the past


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