Put Not Your Trust In Princes

Put Not Your Trust In Princes

You know something’s gone wrong when Trump-hating fake news channel CNN plays an entire Presidential speech without sneering about it. And if you can bear to listen to it, the Donald’s latest announcement on his ‘immigration reform’ plans is a shattering betrayal of the hopes of the millions of hardworking, blue collar Americans who voted for his @Beautiful Wall’ promise in a last desperate effort to keep America American.

When patriotic Americans voted for that Wall, there were two clear points at stake: One, that it would be built, and two, that it wouldn’t contain giant gates through which millions of immigrants would be allowed to pour in and finish the Third Worlding of the USA.

Sadly, we have no choice but to tell the bitter truth: That’s exactly what the new Trump plan – actually created by his sinister globalist son-in-law Kushner – is.

So now we know. The last gasp effort to prevent the European-Americans who built the great United States becoming a despised and exploited minority in their own homeland has been defeated. Not by the Democrats, the fake news media, or Antifa, but by the one man who could have done what he was elected to do and turned things around.

This speech represents not just confirmation of the death sentence on America, but also the end of any faith in politics. “Put not your trust in princes!”