Rapists Can Walk Free For Guilty Plea

Rapists Can Walk Free For Guilty Plea

Just in case you thought it was only Britain where the authorities have failed in their basic duty to protect young girls from imported sex predators, here's a shocking piece of news from Germany:

The background is a lawsuit concerning the gang rape of a defenceless 17 year old and the production of underaged pornographic material “that reflect an actual event”.

According to the only mainstream media outlet that has so far covered the case, the Berliner Zeitung the judge offered the five defendants a suspended sentence in the event of a confession.

In October 2019, a party was held in a luxury suite in the Hotel Westin Grand in Berlin. The men born in Germany with African roots (Nigeria, Togo, Cameroon, Sierra Leone) are said to have raped a 17-year-old very drunk girl.

The men between the ages of 20 and 21 filmed themselves, according to the prosecution. The recordings were secured as evidence, as was the DNA material of three of the alleged perpetrators.

Videos of the rape were played on a big screen in the court room. The girl is seen lying there as if in a coma. A friend had left the girl alone at the time and pounded in vain with her fists on the closed door while her friend was being raped inside. The friend then ran to the hotel reception and the police was alerted.

The friend of the raped girl was called as a witness. According to the BZ , the friend – fearing for her life – would initially not attend the proceedings. For that reason she had faced a fine of 150 euros or six days in prison. Due to the threat, she appeared only on the next day of the trial for which judgment has been reserved for July 2.

So rape witnesses can be sent to prison, people who break covid lockdowns can be sent to prison, people who hold unorthodox opinions about aspects of history are always sent to prison, but gang rapists are allowed to walk free. That's Current Year Germany!