Remainers’ Fake News Claims Shot Down In Flames

Remainers’ Fake News Claims Shot Down In Flames

The liberal elitists desperate to block Britain’s historic Brexit decision have produced a whole wave of fake news allegations about prominent Brexiteers.

The latest to be exposed as totally fake is the claim that Boris Johnson’s Brexit efforts are co-ordinate with city of London financiers who allegedly stand to make a killing by playing the Stock Exchange.

The BBC especially has allowed various Remain advocates to spout this line on prime time news.

But now the whole thing has been rubbished by no less an authority than the fiercely pro-Remain Financial Times. The FT absolutely loathes Brexit, but still had this to say about the wild claim: 'The inference is that hedge funds have used their financial might to influence the outcome of Brexit via political donations and are now standing to benefit from short positions in UK companies. The problem is, it doesn't make any sense.'

This is only the latest such Remain tall story to fall flat on its face:

For some time they were saying that it was all down to Russian influence via Facebook, but then it emerged that the total spent by Russian-based Brexit campaigners on Facebook adverts was just £3,000 over the whole referendum period.

By comparison, by the way, our KTI Brexit operation was spending that much PER DAY promoting Brexit arguments on Facebook!  b

Then there was the claim, backed by the Electoral Commission, that a young Leave campaigner, Darren Grimes, had illicitly broken the spending cap in the last week of the campaign to the tune of £680,000.

Amid much fanfare, he was fined £20,000. But in July, a court upheld 25-year-old Grimes's appeal, finding him innocent.

Then, last week, came the disintegration of the most treasured conspiracy theory of them all: that the largest pro-Brexit donor, Arron Banks, had broken electoral law with his contributions during the referendum.

Last Tuesday, the National Crime Agency announced that, despite lengthy investigation, it had found no evidence of any criminality on Mr Banks's part.

We looked all over for mainstream news coverage of this latest development but – surprise, surprise (not) the BBC and Co refused to report it!