Resistance! Three Days in July Falls Road Curfew 1970

The modern KTI have some close personal connections with Northern Ireland – on both sides of the old divide. We continually promote reconciliation and a future where Orange and Green work together to secure a future for all the true children of the island of Ireland.

So we urge you to watch this brilliant documentary not because we have the slightest sympathy for the terrorists of the Marxist IRA, or for their sectarian and divisive hatred of the loyalist community. Nor do we believe that violence does more than breed more violence.

What is so important in this gripping account of a working class community resisting what it sees as injustice and repression is not the actions of a handful of young men with guns, but how the entire people – particularly the women – rally round in solidarity to support their own.

There is a powerful lesson in this for the English of today. Compare what you see and hear in this video with the thirty years of cowardly silence and then helpless frustration as one million young girls were gang-raped in towns like Rotherham, Newcastle, Bury and Blackburn.

Even today, the English communities so afflicted look to outsiders, such as UKIP or Tommy Robinson, to pressure ‘them’ in Westminster to ‘do something’ to stop it.

Truth is that the women of West Belfast would have stopped it in its tracks if the groomers had tried their vile tricks in their community. Because it was a COMMUNITY, and an injustice done to one family was an injustice done to all.

This is the story of a grass-roots Catholic resistance movement, but you could find similar examples of mass popular involvement in the struggle in the streets of working class Protestant Belfast as well. In the end, it is not about sectarian hatred, but the love of good people for their own – and a willingness to stand up for them!

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