Rittenhouse - Powerful New Evidence VIDEO

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Rittenhouse - Powerful New Evidence VIDEO

This week Kyle Rittenhouse's defense team published never-before-seen footage from the deadly Kenosha shooting which drove headlines after the Aug.25 incident, which came amid chaos in rioting two nights following the Jacob Blake police-related shooting.

The new clips are featured in an eleven-minute video reconstructing events of that night. While protecting business from looting and arson, the 17-year old shot three attackers, at least one of which brandished a handgun. Two were killed and a third was injured.

A crucial new scene in the video is featured at the 3:57 mark, showing the moment Rosenbaum rushed Rittenhouse and appearing to try and grab his rifle. In those fateful seconds someone else in the nearby crowd fired a pistol, the flash from the barrel of which is visible. After being published on YouTube Tuesday albeit with a restricted 'viewer warning' notice, it's already garnered about 600,000 views:


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