RNLI is funding burkinis in Africa

RNLI is funding burkinis in Africa

You will not believe this!! –

The Times have reported that… RNLI funding burkinis for African and Bangladeshi Muslims while cutting jobs!

RNLI spending on foreign projects has increased from £1.13 million to £3.3 million in the past five years

The charity’s spending on lifesaving schemes overseas is rising by more than 10 per cent this year. It said this week that it was preparing to cut 135 jobs.

Overseas “anti-drowning” projects funded by the RNLI include the Panje Project in Tanzania, which gives devout Muslim women and girls full-length burkini swimsuits and swimming lessons.

 It also funds crèches in Bangladesh, which it claims will prevent children from swimming in the sea.

Spending on foreign projects has risen from £1.13 million to £3.3 million over the past five years and the charity plans to increase annual spending by £400,000…

At the same time, however, it is cutting 135 jobs in Britain, citing losses of £6.3 million pounds, despite CEO Mark Dowie earning a £189,000 salary last year.


This approach to spending donations - which are given freely by British citizens to save lives on our coasts - is an outrage.


We have started a “Citizens Petition” so that the RNLI stops wasting British donations on ‘foreign aid’!

Take part in our campaign and this petition will be presented to Mark Dowie, CEO of the Royal National Lifeboat Institute and its board of trustees


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