Russian Church To Help Christian Immigrants VIDEO

Russian Church To Help Christian Immigrants VIDEO

The steady trickle of Christian 'refugees' moving to Russia from the insanely liberal West is growing - and the Russian Orthodox Church is now actively helping.

Orthodox Christian families who feel increasingly out of place and vulnerable in the USA and Britain are looking forward to starting their new lives in Russia. The only thing they need are VISAs. The Russian Orthodox Church has agreed to work together with government authorities, offering humanitarian VISAs to these Christian immigrants.

On Friday, October 22, 2021, members of the Yaroslavl regional government had a meeting with Metropolitan Vadim, head of the Russian Orthodox diocese of Yaroslavl and Rostov. The Metropolitan has given his consent to offer humanitarian VISAs to the group of immigrants soon arriving from America and England.

Under Russian law, a religious organization can offer official invitations to foreigners, enabling them to receive one-year humanitarian VISAs, permitting them to live in Russia for a sufficient amount of time to complete the immigration process.

Russian tourist VISAs had already been available, but that type of VISA is not well suited for immigration. American tourists can spend a maximum of six months in Russia before being required to leave the country. Most tourists from other countries can stay in Russia no more than 90 days at a time. Meanwhile, a person applying for legal residency in Russia has to gather all of the proper documentation, submit the application, and wait to receive a response — and this process can take anywhere from 6 to 9 months (or more).

Previously, during the 8th International Faith & Word festival in Moscow, Patriarch Kirill — the head of the Russian Church — encouraged clergy to assist Orthodox Christian immigrants who are wanting to start a new life in Russia.