Russian Priest Explains Why Westerners Are Converting To Orthodox Christianity

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Russian Priest Explains Why Westerners Are Converting To Orthodox Christianity

In this wonderful, 4-minute video, Fr. Andrey brings us the news about Orthodox Christianity (the form of Christianity practiced by Russians). Orthodox Christianity is the oldest form of Christianity, and now it’s becoming part of the late but welcome Western reaction to liberalism.


As many Christian churches move farther away from their roots by embracing liberal dogmas, people strain to find a more traditional, authentic form of Christianity. For many, that search brings them to the Orthodox Church. Sure, it’s been years since some of the things Fr. Andrey talks about, but, hey, mainstream media has yet to tell us about it. – There have been mass conversions to Orthodoxy among young, educated Turks – Turkish Deputy Seline Sayek publicly announced her conversion to Orthodoxy – Tom Hanks, (legendary actor of the film Forrest Gump), converted to the Orthodox Church when he married Rita Wilson in 1988 and has since been an avid member.

Many traditional Roman Catholics and Anglicans, unnerved by the liberal drift in their churches, are looking into Orthodoxy as well. It is a trend that is sure to grow – and it needs to!

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