UK: Royal Navy Tells Sailors to Introduce Themselves with Gender Pronouns

UK: Royal Navy Tells Sailors to Introduce Themselves with Gender Pronouns

The United Kingdom's Royal Navy has reportedly told its sailors that they should introduce themselves with gender pronouns before meetings in order to be more “inclusive”.

A “Trans and Non-Binary Awareness” guide, seen by The Telegraph newspaper, reportedly published on the Royal Navy’s internal intranet has told staff: “Introducing yourself with your pronouns at the start of meetings and interactions is a good way to be inclusive.”

It goes on to state: “Some people do not associate with gender binary and may use different pronouns like they/them hers or neo-pronouns like ze/hir/hirs. You should use the pronoun that a person shares with you.”

The Navy’s guide on gender also featured a “trans umbrella” to illustrate the different forms of gender expression, including “pangender”, “gender neutral”, and “two-spirit”, a phrase that has been used to describe the gender of some Native Americans.

Former First Sea Lord of the British Royal Navy, Admiral Lord West said of the guidance: “I am surprised that the Navy wishes to try and divide ship’s companies by focusing on people’s gender rather than seeing them as all of one company.

“This initiative seems to me confusing and doesn’t help the cohesion and fighting ability of the navy I love.”

In addition to promulgating transgenderism, the Royal Navy told officers that sailors should be educated about the leftist ideological concepts of “white privilege” and “intersectionality, stating that “different societal aspects (race, class, gender etc) of a person’s identity combine to create a unique experience of disadvantage or discrimination”.

Navy personnel were also told that “if you are ‘white’, whatever situation you are in, it is almost always the case that the outcome has not been affected by your skin colour”.

However, despite such claims, the British armed forces have indeed discriminated against native white British people, with the Royal Air Force (RAF) previously admitting to having rejected “useless white male pilots” in an attempt to increase diversity in its ranks. While the RAF has apologised for such discrimination, there have yet to be any repercussions against the top brass that implemented racially and sexually biased practices.