Satanic Christmas Tree - Cleansing Fire Needed!

Satanic Christmas Tree - Cleansing Fire Needed!

A small town in Wisconsin is facing a backlash after its annual Christmas tree festival included a tree that depicted Satanic ornaments and another that included trans flags.

The Festival of Trees at the National Railroad Museum in Green Bay, Wisconsin will display 66 Christmas trees until December 31.

But a few of the trees featured this year are sparking the public's outrage. 

One tree displayed red lighting and beads, pentagrams, and various ornaments, with one reading, "Hail Santa," an apparent play off the phrase, "Hail Satan."

Another tree known as the "Gender Diversity" tree included pink and blue colored trans flags, and ornaments with sayings such as, "Protect Trans Kids."

Outrageous! National Railroad Museum features a Satanic worship tree," Matt Batzel, executive director of the conservative grassroots organization American Majority, wrote in a post on X, including photos of the Satanic display.

No point complaining about it to the authorities, though, because they're part and parcel of the problem. The solution is in muscular Christian direct action. Tear them down! Take them outside! And burn them!