Satanists Mock Christmas - Invite Wrath of God

Satanists Mock Christmas - Invite Wrath of God

The fanatically pro-abortion Temple of Satan - which considers the murder of unborn babies a 'sacrament', has moved on to mocking Christmas. The twisted organisation's Iowa chapter has just erected a man-goat idol at the Iowa State Capitol. The life-sized figure, called Baphomet, has a metallic goat head, and is dressed in black robes with a dark red cape; in its hands is a red wreath that encircles a Satanic pentagram. In front of this are electric votive candles, with texts of the Satanic group’s tenets. According to reports:

“The Iowa State Capitol is used to having some Christmas decorations. This year there is a new display for people to view from the Satanic Temple of Iowa.

“The group’s Facebook page said the figure they have put on display is called Baphomet.”
(Source: who13 .com)

Baphomet is a devil that blurs lines by mixing male and female, and even human and animal. It is an appropriate symbol of “transgenderism” and homosexual sin, both things Satanists promote. This display is a serious attack against Christmas, and a danger to the families who will visit the State Capitol. It is an attempt to normalise Satanism and to break the barriers of horror that society has for the devil.

While the transgender Baphomet is a fitting idol for these dark times, Christian Americans need to consider the dreadful possibility that such blatant promotion of utter evil could produce an outburst of Divine wrath against the USA. After all, not everyone in Sodom and Gomorrah was an active participant in the sins of those cities, but all were destroyed nonetheless. Adding this symbolic blasphemy to the ongoing slaughter of the innocents through abortion and America is surely sailing close to the wind.