Senator Skewers Abortionist

Senator Skewers Abortionist

Abortion is deadly! It's all summed up in the first 1 minute and 56 seconds of this video. Take a look as a pro-abortionist SQUIRMS under the questioning of pro-life Louisiana Senator John Kennedy.

In a Senate Budget Committee hearing on Wednesday, February 28th, the Louisiana senator challenged the claim of Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) that “reproductive justice is economic justice,” a stance with which Caitlin Myers, a professor of economics at Middlebury College and an abortion advocate, said she agreed. 

Kennedy pressed Myers on the claim, asking “That’s not true for the baby, is it?”  

Myers danced around the question, refusing to call an unborn child in the womb “a baby.”  

Kennedy insisted, “There’s no economic justice for the baby, because the baby’s dead. Right?”  

Again, refusing to answer the direct question, Myers feigned confusion, saying, “I don’t really know how to answer your question. I would refer to it as a fetus.”  

“Is the baby dead or alive?” Kennedy asked.  

“We’re referring to a fetus.” Myers insisted. 

“Is the fetus dead or alive after an abortion?” Kennedy asked again. 

“The fetus would be dead after an abortion,” she finally admitted.