Serial Litigator Pervert Strikes Again

Serial Litigator Pervert Strikes Again

A pervert who is trying to turn suing for his 'trans rights' into a profitable business is going after the organisers of a Canadian beauty pageant for defending the safety of young girls.

Jonathan “Jessica” Yaniv applied to be a contestant in the pageant in May 2019.

He was “tentatively accepted” in the “28 Years and Older” division, but then told by Canada Galaxy Pageants that their policy is to only accept as contestants females and “fully transitioned” transgender individuals whose male genitals have been cut off. Yaniv has not yet completed “sex reassignment surgery.”

All of the contestants, including girls as young as six, change their clothing and undress in common areas, according to the Justice Centre, with no males, including contestants’ fathers, allowed in that space to protect the privacy and comfort of the contestants. 

Yaniv previously filed more than 16 human rights complaints against five British Columbia estheticians who refused to wax his genitals.

In a rare display of commonsense, the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal dismissed those complaints against the beauticians, who were also represented by the Justice Centre. 

The Tribunal specifically found that Yaniv’s predominant motive in filing these waxing complaints “is not to prevent or remedy alleged discrimination, but to target small businesses for personal financial gain.”

The Justice Centre has requested the complaint against Canada Galaxy Pageants also be dismissed, with a hearing expected soon.

Creatures like Yaniv should be wary of pushing this madness much further. Sooner or later, they will create a backlash. They are Few and we, the normal people, are Many. What will be the outcome if they push the huge majority from frustration and disgust to righteous anger. As courts and politicians increasingly bow to such pernicious nonsense, they run the risk that a new - and dangerous - question will be asked: "Will no-one rid us of these turbulent beasts?"