Serving the Nation - Book Week

Serving the Nation - Book Week

We round off this Templar Book Week with an extract from a book which is not produced by us. The Handbook for the New Fenian is the official Volunteers' guide of the Irish political movement Síol na hÉireann.

This is from the chapter 'What We Do'.


‘We believe that the highest thing anyone can do is to serve well and truly, and we propose to
serve Ireland with all our fealty and with all our strength.’

Service to the nation as a whole and to her people as individuals and communities. This is a
central pillar of nationalism and of our practical expression of the national idea.

This is a real nationalist movement. We are men of action, not words, just as our nationalist
heroes were before us. Gone are the days when we had the luxury of believing that friendly
words and civil discussion could turn our political enemies to the service of God and country.

Nothing can. But the actions and leadership of authentic revolutionary nationalists can lead our
people back to the faith and the service of Ireland. It is our responsibility to lead by example.

We do not ask the people to give us votes and power. There is no possibility of political
action saving the rotten liberal system from destroying itself and in the process, ruining much
of what we hold dear.

Our movement exists not to prevent that already unpreventable cataclysm,
but to guide and inspire our people to survive it. To light candles and beacons, and to keep them
alive in the coming darkness, just as Irish monasteries kept the light and warmth of civilisation
and learning alive in the darkness that followed the Fall of Rome.

Instead of empty promises and empty boasts of “sorting it all out”, we ask the people what
we can do to make their lives better and to give them hope for, and faith in, an Irish future in an
Irish Ireland. Whether people yet know what is needed or not, Síol na hÉireann is here to lead
by example; not for us, but in service of our faith and fatherland.

We exist to serve the Irish people and to make whatever sacrifices may be
necessary to do so. Service by our Óglaigh and service by the movement within local communities.

Whatever else we become known for, let Síol na hÉireann be known above all as the movement that
serves. Service to the nation is what determines the status of an Óglaigh, just as it determined
the status of an Irish Volunteer or the boys of Na Fianna Éireann a century ago. We have made
it this way because it is only service to Ireland that matters in the struggle for Irish freedom.

In the words of Pádraig Pearse; ‘..Patriotism needs service as the condition of its authenticity,
and it is not enough to say “I believe” unless one can say also I serve.’


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