Should we ban the burqa?

We all can see the Christian world is in turmoil. Millions of non-Christians are flocking from across the globe, settling in our lands, taking from us our birthright, the land of our ancestors and those come refuse to integrate; instead they demand we capitulate to their religion and cultures.

As we have seen far too often, no group is more hostile to our Christian ways and values than radical Islamist's. We cannot escape their hostility and presence. We see our society changing with each passing day: the mosques and madrasas that spring up out of the ground, the call to prayer that pierces the air morning, noon and night, and the veiled groups of women forced to cover themselves from head-to-toe with only their eyes visible.

Europeans know the dangers the Burqa brings with it. Islamic fanatics have used the burqa to disguise themselves before launching deadly terrorist attacks, including in Europe. It is just a matter of time before it happens in the United States.

Let's follow the example of Denmark and France and ban the burqa from all public spaces. We must put an end to the Islamic cultural aggression. There is no place in our societies for this backward, dark age practice. We call on all Christians and patriots to stand up for our values and sign our international petition

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