ALEXANDER SOLZHENITSYN (1918 – 2008) is arguably the world’s best-known critic of Soviet Bolshevism, which is why it is difficult to find a kind word about the Gulag holocaust survivor in the West’s leftist media. And now the MSM have refused to tell us of a remarkable and moving ceremony to honour him.


Vladimir Putin is the Soviet dissident’s greatest fan. The West’s most popular national leader made this clear by publicly meeting the great writer, constantly praising him, and attending the funeral of the fighter for universal human rights. Significantly in his speech, the Russian president criticised the Soviet totalitarian system which brought suffering and severe trials to millions of people.

Interestingly, no Western leader has ever publicly criticised Bolshevism. The US / UK funded the so-called Russian revolution of 1917 – 1922.  When in 1941, Bolshevism was all but defeated by the Reich, it was America and Britain’s Lend Lease Plan that saved the satanic Soviet system and allowed it to fester and enslave Russia and much of Europe for a further 45 years.

During its miserable 75-years lifetime the Soviet Gulag (Solzhenitsyn survived the Gulag) was constantly topped up by transport provided by the United States and United Kingdom. Both benefited from the labours of millions of prisoners whom Trotsky sneeringly dubbed ‘White Negroes’.


Vladimir Putin went on to heap praise on Alexander Solzhenitsyn for criticising US-sponsored Bolshevism (1917 – 1990) and for calling for morality.  Solzhenitsyn was a staunch Christian in his later years and urged his countrymen to look to their traditional religion for moral strength.

On December 11, 2018, a clearly moved Vladimir Putin mounted the rostrum at the unveiling of his monument dedicated to Alexander Solzhenitsyn. The event was yellow pencilled out of Western media which likes to falsely paint the Russian leader as a Soviet sympathiser.

“Today we are unveiling a monument to Alexander Solzhenitsyn, our outstanding compatriot, writer, thinker, a war veteran was a true patriot of Russia. December 11 marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of Alexander Solzhenitsyn. For us, it is not only a day of remembrance and respect, but above all an occasion to revisit his literary, social as well as philosophical heritage, which is woven into the very fabric of the 20th century and continues to be up-to-date, for us, for Russia, and for the world.


“I remember well all the meetings with Alexander Solzhenitsyn, his wisdom, his prudence and a deep understanding of history. His heart and soul, his thoughts were filled in equal measure with pain for the Fatherland and unlimited love for it.

“These feelings fuelled all his work. He clearly delineated the true, genuine, people’s Russia and the totalitarian (Soviet) system, which brought suffering and severe trials to millions of people. But even being in exile, Solzhenitsyn would not tolerate anyone to speak evil or scornfully of his homeland, and opposed any manifestations of Russophobia.

“A man of integrity, an exceptionally principled person, Solzhenitsyn never wanted to be comfortable. In his writings, in his literary, journalistic and social activity, he openly and consistently defended his views and convictions, and argued the unconditional value of the morals that provide for a healthy society.


“Without understanding the country’s past there can be no meaningful movement into the future, Solzhenitsyn believed.  Therefore, he directed his efforts toward finding and designating ways to improve Russia, so that the hardest and most dramatic trials that befell our country would never happen again so that people would live in dignity and justice. This is how he saw his mission, his goals and the meaning of his service.

“Friends, the centenary of Alexander Solzhenitsyn is a landmark occasion for the whole country. Many events have been timed to this date to perpetuate the memory of our great compatriot.

One of them is the unveiling of a monument in the writer’s native town of Kislovodsk, and the opening of his memorial museum in Moscow, as well as conferences, exhibitions, lectures, productions and theatrical adaptations of his works in many regions. But the most important thing is that Solzhenitsyn’s voice is still being heard. His thoughts and ideas resonate in people’s minds and hearts.

“Popularising his work, encouraging and introducing new young readers to it is the best thing we can and must do to honour his memory.” - Vladimir Putin.

Originally Published at: Europeans Worldwide