Slaughter, Martydom and Heroism

Slaughter, Martydom and Heroism

A timely reminder that Wahhabi Islam is not the only murderous enemy of Christianty and of Christians. Atheist Communists freemasonic ‘liberal’ revolutionaries have killed literally millions more Christians than the CIA-created Al Qaeda and ISIS ever have.


One of the most dramatic persecution of the Church came in Mexico in the 1920s, sparking the heroic Cristeros Rebellion from 1926-29, which exploded in July 1926 when hundreds of Christian worshipers were massacred.

Thousands of Christian fighters and their supporters were executed by the forces of the leftist regime, but their resistance was so fierce that, in the end, the government had to slacken the persecution.

Juan Gutiérrez, a surviving Cristero, penned the Cristeros hymn, “Battle Hymn of the Cristeros”, which is based on the music of the Spanish-language song, “Marcha Real“.[87]

La Virgen María es nuestra protectora y nuestra defensora cuando hay que temer
Vencerá a todo el demonio gritando “¡Viva Cristo Rey!” (x2)
Soldados de Cristo: ¡Sigamos la bandera, que la cruz enseña el ejército de Dios!
Sigamos la bandera gritando, “¡Viva Cristo Rey!”
English translation
The Virgin Mary is our protector and defender when there is to fear
She will vanquish all demons at the cry of “Long live Christ the King!” (x2)
Soldiers of Christ: Let’s follow the flag, for the cross points to the army of God!
Let’s follow the flag at the cry of “Long live Christ the King!”

El martes me fusilan” is a song by Vicente Fernandez about a fictional Cristero’s execution.