UK: Soldiers Banned from Taking the Knee in Uniform

UK: Soldiers Banned from Taking the Knee in Uniform

British soldiers have been banned from taking the knee in solidarity with the far-left Black Lives Matter movement when they are in uniform, as they are bound to remain politically neutral.

Military leaders reportedly told soldiers at the Naval Base HMS Sultan in Gosport, Hampshire, that they were forbidden from making the gesture.

A defence source said: “When they are in uniform, they are not allowed to take part in any political activity. With taking the knee, it is becoming a political movement.”

“When you are in uniform, there are long-standing rules for how you should behave.

“We are looking at the policy and are trying to find a way in an appropriate situation what they can do to show their respect.

“The armed forces and the MoD [are] absolutely against racism in any form and want[] to stamp it out,” the source added.

The position comes in sharp contrast to recent reports of British police allowing and encouraging officers to take the knee, in once instance a police force telling officers that failure to do so may attract the negative attention of Black Lives Matter activists.

In  London, where mobs defaced statues of Winston Churchill, Abraham Lincoln, and tried to set fire to the flags of the Cenotaph, officers tried to appeal to the left-radicals by taking a knee before them on Wednesday, June 3rd, outside Downing Street. It did not ease tensions, however, as on that same day BLM activists were seen assaulting London Metropolitan police officers guarding the prime minister’s residence.