Soros Gang Targets Pro-Life Activists

Soros Gang Targets Pro-Life Activists

In today’s world, the radical left attempts to rule with fear. The more they lose the argument the more they turn to censorship, intimidation, deplatforming and violence. If you dare to disagree with the radical left or bravely stand up for what’s right, they will happily harass, assault, and intimidate you. . .or even worse. 

We in the Knights Templar have been at the sharp end of such assaults for years. Although it can be inconvenient, frankly it doesn't bother us; our history and our ethos mean that it's water off a duck's back for us. But now the left are turning on gentler, mainstream Christian groups, and it's as outrageous as it is unfair and wrong.

The latest victims in the firing line are - perhaps predictably, women. Caroline Farrow and Ann Kioko, two leading activists with Spanish-based CitizenGO, are under attack and are in real danger. 

It seems impossible to believe, but the truth of the danger is terrifying.

Activists-for-hire, organised by the radical left, are harassing and stalking them. In Caroline’s situation, these activists are also going after her children.
And why? Because Caroline Farrow and Ann Kioko are CitizenGOers and principled. 
    • They have been willing to speak out against the harmful comprehensive sexuality education cooked up and peddled to our children by groups like Planned Parenthood and their allies.
    • They have been willing to represent CitizenGO on the local and international stage to go after the billion-dollar-a-year abortion industry.
    • They stand up for the natural family and the well-being of children
    • They are brave.
The George Soros-funded Open Society Foundation is one of the groups going after CitizenGO. However, their attack is not only on CitizenGO activists, but specifically designed to go after our values as well. Their attack is on what you and I stand for and believe in: life, family, faith, and freedom. 
The video shows a public and shockingly blunt left-wing video conference. The Soros-funded media platform OpenDemocracy reveal just how dangerous they think CitizenGO is to their plan of abortion-on-demand.

In this video, you heard directly from OpenDemocracy: “How can we stop CitizenGO?”... “a coordinated response is needed.”

But more concerning, they mention Ann Kioko and her efforts in Kenya specifically -- and Ann is feeling the backlash. Already, she has been forced to move to a more secure apartment. Friends fear she will probably need a bodyguard.

Ann said this earlier this week:
I have been threatened with legal action for my work defending freedom of speech in my country. I have been trailed by cars and stalked by investigators hired by Swedish government agencies and leftist organizations.
An insider in a high-profile leftist organisation even warned me they are planning to hack my email and social media accounts -- and they have done this to CitizenGO before!
They have targeted me just like they have targeted Caroline from the U.K.”
Caroline’s situation is even worse, the attacks on her have been relentless.
Targeted by radical LGBT activists and their globalist cronies who have hacked her family computer, made fun of and bullied her children (even threatening to throw acid on one), targeted her parents' home and now again hauled her into court with false charges of anonymously “misgendering.”
Last week she wrote:
“These have been trying times for my family and me, but the only thing that would make them worse is if they succeed in derailing CitizenGO’s efforts we all have fought so hard for.”
Who is next? Which brave pro-lifer, mother or father, faithfully strong, patriot, anti-communist, conservative is next to be targeted by the radical left’s activists-for-hire? In the end, we will all be in their sights. Just another reason why our version of muscular Christianity is needed. Because turning the other cheek is about dealing with personal slights. When dealing with those who harm innocent children and use money to corrupt society and harm the innocent, our Lord had a very different message and set a very different example!