Spain Threatened by Civil War

Spain Threatened by Civil War

A new Spanish Civil War? It seems unthinkable, but the desperate efforts of the country's Socialists to buy political support from Marxist separatists in Catalonia and the Basque country are threatening just that.

The Spanish public are furious. Hundreds of thousands of people have joined demonstration in Madrid over the Socialist Party’s (PSOE) move to seize power. The widely despised Marxists have managed to form a government via pacts with separatist parties that not only violate the constitution but also threaten to tear Spain apart.

Globalist-Leftist Pedro Sánchez was sworn in as prime minister last week, after parliament authorised him to form a government with separatist support.

Now a large number of retired senior military officers have openly called for the army to carry out a coup d'etat in order to stop the Socialists' blatant demolition of Spain and her Constitution.

The proposed break up won't take place immediately, the Sanchez programme would take most of the new parliamentary term. But that also gives the 'right' time to organise and to act. The country has not faced a crisis on this scale since before the Second World War, when divisions on precisely the same lines led to a devastating civil war.

Is Round Two on the way? Incredible as it may appear at first sight, the answer is, quite possibly!

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