"Spirit of death" stalks America

"Spirit of death" stalks America

One year ago, President Joe Biden was disgraced when he caught laughing while talking about the congressional testimony of a mother whose boys died of fentanyl poisoning.

Mother of the two boys and pro-life activist Rebecca Kiessling has now spoken on The John-Henry Westen Show to discuss her congressional testimony, Biden’s subsequent laugh, and the link between drug legalisation, abortion, and the population control agenda.

“This is hard enough to share about them and, you know, to think of my sons and that they’re so disrespected,” Kiessling sobs. “Like, I never thought something like that could happen that, you know, the president would just laugh about somebody dying.”

Kiessling believes that it is not just abortion that is being used to kill children. For her, the “same spirit of death as abortion” is involved in drugs. She notes that Democrats and those behind the population control agenda are unwilling to pass legislation that would classify drug deaths as homicides, and recalls that the expert the Democrats brought forward the day of her testimony, David Bier from the Cato Institute, used language similar to that used for abortion to advocate for the decriminalization of drugs. Kiessling says he argued that it was a matter of choice to do drugs.