STOP Disney's promotion of homosexual indoctrination of children

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STOP Disney's promotion of homosexual indoctrination of children

In an episode of the children's Disney series, DuckTales, a child is revealed to belong to a homosexual "couple." According to reports:

"DuckTales is the latest Disney children's series to insert [homosexual] characters into the plot.

"In the Season 3 premiere, viewers learn that one of the characters...has two dads...each of Violet's fathers wears a T-shirt with the words 'I'M WITH DAD' and an arrow pointing to the other. During one scene, one of Violet's friends becomes excited ...and shouts, 'That's my sister from a couple misters!'

"Although neither father speaks during the episode, they stand on each side of her as she is named a Senior Woodchuck." (; emphasis added)

Disney has inserted similar scenes into other children's films: Beauty and the Beast had a homosexual "moment," and the cartoon Onwardfeatured a lesbian police-officer. More and more, Disney is using "family" entertainment in order to destroy the institution of the family, attacking children's innocence by presenting unnatural vice as good and acceptable. Please sign our petition, telling Disney to stop promoting homosexual sin in its films.

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