Stop the Great Reset Sanctions Trick!

Stop the Great Reset Sanctions Trick!

We've all heard of "suicide by cop", when someone who wants to end it all does so by picking a fight with armed police. Well, that's just what the West's Great Reset politicians are doing with our energy supply by using the artificially provoked Russian invasion of Ukraine as the excuse for waves of sanctions.
The image used to illustrate this post was used by the World Economic Forum early in their equally artificial and destructive lockdown operation. It shows how Klaus Schwab and his bought-and-paid-for political and media puppets view our world and society. They openly boast of their intention to destroy that outer orange ring of what they call 'overconsumption'. The problem is that the orange ring represents our 'old normal'; it is actually just us living a little bit like them. That orange ring is nothing more than the 'human herd' in Western world not having to chose whether to 'heat or eat'; it's about people like us having a bit of a nest egg, a thriving little business, ten days in the sun once a year, enough fuel in the tank to take a drive to a walk in the country.

They have spent the last couple of decades discussing and forming their plans to change all that, and the Covid plandemic was the first salvo in their war against us, our prosperity and our freedom. But the exploitation of Covid was largely about obedience training, about control. Growing popular resistance was making it very clear that they had milked that 'crisis' for all it was worth. Phase Two of their war against humanity and our modern world - imposing drastic cuts to our 'carbon footprint' - they needed a different crisis and a different excuse.

So they encouraged the Nato puppet regime in Ukraine to poke and bait the Russian bear. And now that the bear has raised its heavy paws in anger, they are moving to impose sanctions which - while doing very little against Russia - are going to push the price of our heating and transport fuels through the roof. They are going to grind down our energy use and our living standards not by even more decrees and taxes, but simply by making them unaffordable. And they believe that we are all so stupid that we will allow them to pin the blame on Vladimir Putin, instead of the real culprits: Our own out-of-control elite!

The impact on fuel will be felt immediately. But when you find that hurting, wait until you feel the full force of the sanctions against Russian and Belarus fertiliser exports on the price of food. By the time that hits home, the masses will be clamouring to buy bug protein steaks and fake burgers made from bacteria in factories owned by Bill Gates.

It's another truly wicked, recklessly audacious operation, from the exact same elite criminals who created the Covid lockdown disaster and the vaccination scandal. The only question is, how long before the public wake up to their latest effort to manipulate and grind us down?

Spread the word: Stop the Great Reset Sanctions Scam! Stop the Warmongers and allow a negotiated settlement in the Ukraine! We want Peace and Affordable Energy, not Sanctions, War and Poverty!